Bill McLaughlin
My passion for doodling manifested itself in early childhood and remains undiminished. As a young man, recognizing that an artist’s income was not likely to provide means for marriage and family, I became an RCAF pilot and soon discovered that flying planes was as much fun as painting.
Here are some highlights of my double life:
Amateur Artist
  • Early childhood interest was nurtured by talented teachers and family members.
  • During adult years, took instruction in London, Halifax and Ottawa.
  • Mentored for many years by Robert Hyndman, Canadian War Artist and internationally renowned portraitist.
  • Portfolio reflects personal whims and also includes many commissions for portraits and landscapes.
  • Enjoy honing skills with other artists such as:
    • The Bottom Line Group for life drawing.
    • The Churchill Group for the company of talented friends.
  • Established art programs and taught at:
    • McNabb School for Gifted Children
    • St-Monica Catholic School
  • Work in all media except pastel (oil, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, conte crayon)
Military Officer
  • 1953-55 Pilot Officer Trainee in Moose Jaw & Gimli.
  • 1955-80 Logged a total of 12,000 hours as pilot and captain on all RCAF aircraft types.
  • 1956-65 Flight Instructor on single and multi-engine aircraft.
  • 1965-68 Seconded to the Ghanaian Airforce as flight instructor and officer trainer based in Takoradi.
  • 1968-71 Seconded to Energy, Mines & Resources in Ottawa to assist with aeronautical mapping.
  • 1971-73 Aviation Safety Officer based in Comox.
  • 1973-76 Aide-de-camp to Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (Dr. Clarence Goss).
    • Command Check Pilot on multi-engine aircraft based in Halifax.
  • 1976-78 HQ Staff Officer, Ottawa.
  • 1978 Retired from RCAF with rank of Major.
  • 1978-93 Transport Canada :
    • Director of Aviation Safety Promotion
    • Editor of Aviation Safety Newsletter
    • Civil Aviation Inspector
Since retiring over 20 years ago, I lost a wife to cancer and married a second time with happy results. My three sons have reached middle-age and my four grandchildren are now adults. I’m still drawing, cartooning and painting, enjoying Ottawa’s cultural offerings, golfing to my heart’s desire, and taking in lots of hockey and baseball, sports in which I once was a very keen participant.